Online CEC Offerings by PaDot towards Renewals

Continual Education Credits -  Replace the old tarp

  Continual Education Credits or CEC's will replace the Tarp Point System    
  Earn Credits On Line @ Penn Dot's Traffic Signal Portal    
    Credits Earned and to what Certification Practice  
  Program Name  Work Zone Signals  Signs  Pavement Markings   
  Introduction to Traffic Signals »   3      
  8 Modules - Duration 3 hours - Quiz and must submit Certificate      
  Traffic Signal Design »   9 1 1  
  21 Modules - Duration 9 hours - Quiz and must submit Certificate  
  Construction & Inspection » 1 3 1 1  
  7 Modules - Duration 3 hours - Quiz and must submit Certificate  
  Maintenance & Operations » 1 6 1 1  
  10 Modules - Duration 6 hours - Quiz and must submit Certificate  

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International Municipal Signal Association

Since its origin in 1896, IMSA has grown in size, stature and prestige. Today, the Association has members in all areas of the United States, in many areas of Canada, and in many of the free countries of the world. Through its many years of continuous dedication of effort in improving and advancing all aspects of public-safety, IMSA has gained recognition and influence with local, professional organizations. Membership is comprised of persons employed by governmental organizations (city, county, state, federal, province, etc.) and private corporations who are interested in promoting Public Safety in the most economical manner. The IMSA objectives are to improve the efficiency, installation, construction, and maintenance of Public Safety equipment and systems by increasing the knowledge of its members on traffic controls, fire alarms, radio communications, roadway lighting, work zone traffic control, emergency medical services and other related systems..